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Europa Consultancy is a locally incorporated and registered Agency in Gujarat India, was founded by Ms. Anuradha Maharana & Co-Founded by Mr. Niranjan Maharana in the year 2018. The Co-Founder holding 30 years of experiences, it is a one-stop HR Solution for all your immigration and visa needs. We’re the Agency of professionals, doers and adventurous souls. We’re passionate about our clients and their needs. We’re here to make your dreams come true!

At Europa Consultancy, you will find an experienced and highly qualified team. As one of the 100% successful ratio in Work Permits for European Country specifically for Romania, Portugal, Malta, Croatia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Canada, USA and with some of the Gulf Countries.


We must try our best efforts to extend best of the services, excellent manpower selection and recruit for our esteemed Clients. We truly believe that the human talents are most important part in any organisation and by providing the best fit candidate would be an asset for the said organisation sustain for growth of self and business growth of the organisation.


Heading towards building a strong network across the Globe and extend manpower to our prestigious Clientele as per their specific requirement. To remain forever honest, transparent and committed with the Client and our business associates.


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